Monday, July 25, 2016

Water Main on Longvalley Road to Begin

Work Completed Last Week, July 18th to July 22nd 
·         Completed sanitary sewer service replacements along Longvalley Road
·         Completed sanitary sewer pipe repairs as required along Longvalley Road
·         Completed sanitary sewer manhole replacements along Longvalley Road
·         Nicor Gas continued to replace the existing gas main and services along North Branch Road.

 Work Anticipated to be completed Next week, July 25th to July 29th 
·         Start water main installation along Longvalley Road starting at the east end near the river and working west to Rollwind Road
·         Nicor Gas continues to work along North Branch Road replacing the gas main and services in the area.

The contractor has completed a majority of the sanitary sewer system improvements and service replacements along Longvalley Road.  The contractor will begin installing the new 8-inch water main along Longvalley starting on the east end near the river and working west to Rollwind Road. In order to make a connection between the existing water main near the river and the new water main, the water main will need to be shut-down. The Village Water Department will provide notice to those residents affected by the shut-down the day prior to the work occurring.  Currently, the water main shut down is scheduled for Monday, July 25th. Resident affected will be notified on Friday, July 22nd.

As the water main construction begins, the contractor will be excavating along the entire length of the roadway in lieu of across the roadway. This will pose additional challenges in traveling along the roadway due to the construction equipment on-site and excavations on the side of the road. Also, those residents that live adjacent to where the working is occurring during the day, access to your driveway will be temporarily restricted as the excavation occurs in front of your driveway. Residents affected by temporary driveway closures will be notified by knocking on your doors and asking to move any vehicles from the driveway or garage prior to excavation occurring. We will do everything possible to limit the travel delays along Longvalley road, but please use care and allow a little extra time. The excavations will be filled at the end of each day, so access to all driveways and the roadway will be restored.

Thanks again for all your patience as the water main work begins with the inconveniences of increased travel delays and disruptions to your water service.