Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sanitary Sewer Improvements Continue

Work Completed Last Week, July 4th to July 8th
·         Grind-in-place of the existing roadway along Longvalley Road from Country Lane to east cul-de-sac
·         Product deliveries
·         Mobilization of equipment
·         Completed sanitary sewer manhole replacements along Longvalley Road

 Work Anticipated to be completed This week, July 11th to July 15th
·         Continue with Sanitary Sewer Service Replacements along Longvalley Road

Major construction has started along the project site with the start of sanitary sewer manhole replacements, sanitary sewer service replacements, and grinding-in-place of the roadway along Longvalley Road from Country Lane to the east end of Longvalley Road.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding as you begin to experience the inconveniences of living in a construction area.