Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Storm Sewer Installation Continues along Longvalley Road

Work Completed Last Week, August 29th to September 2nd  
·         Continued with storm sewer installation along Longvalley Road.
·         Storm sewer main line completed from river to Rollwind Road
·         Site clean-up prior to Labor Day Weekend.

Work Anticipated to be completed This week, September 5th to 9th 
·         Continue with storm sewer installation along Longvalley Road from Rollwind Road west towards North Branch Road
·         Storm sewer installation within intersection of Longvalley Road and Country Lane.
·         Complete final water main connections at intersection of Longvalley Road and Rollwind Road

The contractor has continued with the storm sewer installation along Longvalley Road, working within several intersections last week and scheduled again for this week. Last week, work within the intersections of Crabtree Lane / Rio Vista Lane and Rollwind Road was completed.  This week, it is anticipated work will continue within the intersections of Rollwind Road and Country Lane.

Thank you for all your patience as getting through these intersections and around the neighborhood has been challenging. The Village of Glenview has been in contact with the school districts in the area to update them on the construction progress and schedule to ensure the buses are able to navigate through the construction area.

It is anticipated the storm sewer improvements along Longvalley Road will be completed within the next 2 weeks. Once the storm sewer is completed, the contractor will begin the underground utility improvements along North Branch Road.